EPISODE 19 - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre + Nothing But Trouble

Oops, all bones! It's officially October and DubTrub is kicking off Jenn's favorite month with the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, paired with another film about a road tripping crew finding their way astray and in to a house of horrors-- Nothing But Trouble. Her and Alex discuss both films, how to properly run away from a chainsaw wielding maniac, Untitled Goose Game, TuPac, and Dan Aykroyd's (again). 

QUICKIE - DubTrub Gets Spooky

Alex and Jenn get excited about Halloween and all things spooky by talking about horror movies! They talk about their favorite horror films, the best Halloween candy, the movies they'll be watching in October to celebrate, and the fact that they're officially roommates. Alex also finds a way to scream about 90 Day Fiance.

EPISODE 19 - Ghostbusters 1 + Ghostbusters 2

Jenn picks both movies this week, and shows Alex Ghostbusters 1 and 2-- but admits in the episode that she might have broken the rules a little bit. Her and Alex discuss both films, their favorite Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd's passion for UFOlogy, Rasputin, and give some VERY controversial Ghostbusters hot-takes.

QUICKIE - The Blockbuster Party Game

Alex and Jenn play The Blockbuster Party Game, a movie trivia game that Alex unsurprisingly sucks at and Jenn, somewhat surprisingly, also kind of sucks at. Alex and Jenn proceed to forget every movie that has ever been made, so be prepared to scream in frustration as we mess up basically every single round.

EPISODE 18 - Rocky + Rocky IV

Alex and Jenn finally decided upon their Rocky pairing and skipped straight to Rocky IV. They discuss their thoughts on the original and the 4th in the series, do a round of Frick, Marry, Kill with Rocky, Creed, and Drago, talk a whole lot about robot love-making, and explain why showing a lady your pet turtles is more of a second date activity.

Jenn and Alex discuss the fever dream experience of going to The Fanatic (2019) screening at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The two discuss the film, the Q+A they witnessed with John Travolta and Fred Durst, as well as who they would be fanatics for. There are many spoilers in the episode.


EPISODE 17 - The Karate Kid + Dragonball Evolution

Alex and Jenn faked you all out the last couple of weeks and decided to pair The Karate Kid with Dragonball Evolution instead of Rocky. Surprise! The two discuss the two teen fighting films, their love of Mr. Miyagi, white Goku, and how NOT to kiss people. If you listen to this episode and mansplain Dragonball to Alex afterwards you will 100% go to a hell where you're forced to watch Dragonball Evolution every waking minute. 

Alex and Jenn visit the long anticipated Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles for a special sneak peek screening of Do The Right Thing. They discuss the film, their encounter with Paul Thomas Anderson, fried pickles, and the world's most perfect public restroom. Jenn also talks about all the fun she had at the opening party despite the fact that she cannot escape the filmmaking masterpiece that is FROGS.

QUICKIE - Los Angeles Drafthouse

This week Alex and Jenn discuss Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation along with Fateful Findings. The two discuss both films, surveillance, being a big spoon versus being a little spoon, and how Alex can't read and Jenn has no idea how to identify musical instruments.

EPISODE 16 - The Conversation + Fateful Findings

This week Alex and Jenn spend the entire episode talking about their experience watching Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood at the famous Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome in 70mm. They discuss their thoughts, how they'd change the film, and the very unfortunate Bruce Lee scene. Surprisingly they don't ever get around to talking about feet?

QUICKIE - Once Upon a Time… at the Arclight Hollywood

It's the puppet episode over here at Double Trouble Feature! This week, Alex and Jenn watched the beloved and heartwarming The Muppet Movie along with the depraved and filthy Meet the Feebles. They discuss their favorite muppets, their favorite feebles, Kermit in little tiny cowboy boots, and puppets having vivid Vietnam flashbacks.

EPISODE 15 - The Muppet Movie + Meet the Feebles

On this week's quickie episode Jenn and Alex discuss their experience seeing Bring It On at Cinespia in the Hollywood forever cemetery. They also talk about The Farewell, The Art of Self Defense, and who would win in a fist fight between Alex and Jenn. Also, editing Alex makes a special appearance to get some feelings off her chest regarding a certain upcoming feline musical.

QUICKIE - Alex and Jenn Bring It On

Double Trouble Feature is a podcast that pairs great, classic, and beloved films with movies… a little more off the beaten path. This episode, Jenn shows Alex the iconic 80's comedy Beverly Hills Cop and Alex shares the misery that is seeing 2017's The Snowman with Jenn. They discuss the film, Crazy Frog, To Catch a Predator, and Alex... yells a lot.

EPISODE 14 - Beverly Hills Cop + The Snowman

On this week's quickie, Jenn and Alex discuss Midsommar and talk about other summer movies. They also discuss bad boyfriends, boning virgins, and discover Jenn had to go to summer school because she sucks at fractions-- which explains why she hates giving half point scores.

QUICKIE - Jenn Failed Midsommar School

DubTrub is back from break and jumping right in to season 2 with the Hitchcock classic The Birds and the cult film Frogs. Alex and Jenn argue over whether or not birds are real and Alex takes the opportunity to read from a strange book she found called "The Wisdom of Frogs" to see if Jenn gets any wiser.

EPISODE 13 - The Birds + Frogs

It's our season finale and we're wrapping things up with a stripper double feature. Take a listen as Alex and Jenn discuss the 2012 sensation that is Magic Mike as well as 1995's most hectic film-- Showgirls. The two discuss these movies, their reception, stripper body hair, and how you can get dry-humped for free

EPISODE 12 - Magic Mike + Showgirls

QUICKIE - The Great Electric Mouse Detective

Spoilers for Detective Pikachu! Jenn and Alex finally got to see Detective Pikachu! They discuss their feelings on the film, their favorite Pokemon, the dilemma of Pikachu being a cop, and Alex tries to give an explanation of why she doesn't really like Rita Ora that ISN'T just internalized misogyny.

This week we've got another space themed episode for all our sci-fi fans. Alex can finally stop lying to people about having seen 2001: A Space Odyssey now that Jenn's finally showed it to her. In turn, Alex shows Jenn the classic B movie Turkish Star Wars and tries to explain why it's basically the same film as 2001. In the process Jenn threatens to strangle Alex, Alex quotes Insane Clown Posse, and they both break their own ratings rules

EPISODE 11 - 2001: A Space Odyssey + The Man Who Saved the World (Turkish Star Wars)


For this quickie episode Jenn and Alex go see End Game. They discuss this enormous blockbuster as well as Captain America's ass, Jenn's affinity for Loki, and the physical limitations of making love to Hulk.

QUICKIE - End Game

We've hit episode double digits and we're back to talking about aliens, baby! This week Jenn shows Alex the classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Alex shows Jenn Spice World. They discuss tubas, the possibility of Posh Spice being horny for aliens, and the fact that neither of these movies show enough dang aliens.

EPISODE 10 - Close Encounters of the Third Kind + Spice World

This week Alex rages about the live action Akira synopsis that came out while Jenn attempts to name more than one Pokemon and confronts her own mortality.

QUICKIE - You Stupid Baby

It's a Mel Gibson sequel double feature this week, because Alex and Jenn are... masochists? Jenn shows Alex her favorite of the Mad Max films-- The Road Warrior and Alex thought it would be funny to destroy any will Jenn had to live with Daddy's Home 2. Was it worth having to endure it herself? Probably not.

EPISODE 9 - The Road Warrior + Daddy's Home 2

On this week's Quickie episode Alex and Jenn go watch Jordan Peele's Us and give their thoughts on the film. In the process we also learn about other upcoming movies, Jenn's experience watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, and the fact that they're both thirsty as hell apparently.

QUICKIE - Craw Daddy

This week, Alex is delighted to watch The Goonies for the first time. She proceeds to pay the favor back to Jenn by forcing her to watch The Garbage Pail Kids Movie-- a movie Jenn hates. We also learn about Jenn's twitter beef with Data from Star Trek.

EPISODE 8 - The Goonies + The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Alex surprises Jenn with some... um... art relevant to previous Double Trouble Feature episodes.

QUICKIE - Dub Trub Gets Sexy

This week, Jenn and Alex watch some big ol' worms in Dune and Tremors and have a hard time deciding which of these is supposed to be the good one.

EPISODE 7 - Dune + Tremors

On this quickie episode of Double Trouble Feature, Jenn and Alex go see Captain Marvel and discuss their thoughts on the movie, the fans, and how much Alex hates Funko Pops.

QUICKIE - Jenn and Alex Watch Captain Marvel

This week, Jenn and Alex watch E.T. and Mac and Me-- two movies about adorable, lost aliens. In the process, they blow the lid off a conspiracy theory that is 100% the reason for childhood obesity.

EPISODE 6 - E.T. + Mac and Me

Jenn and Alex roast the Oscars.

QUICKIE - Oscars Recap Edition

It's the anime episode! Alex and Jenn discuss the anime classic Akira and the delightful (but somewhat strange) anime film, Mind Game-- as well as their nerdy anime watching pasts.

EPISODE 5 - Akira + Mind Game

In between normal Double Trouble Feature episodes, we'll be releasing quickies! In this episode, Jenn and Alex discuss how they met, their favorite movies of all time, movies they've seen recently, and how Joaquin Phoenix has the best heavy breathing in the game.

QUICKIE - Joaquin Phoenix Got Good Breathing

In this episode Jenn shares the movie Heathers with Alex and Alex shows Jenn She's Too Young. Either way, don't date men who wear dusters.

EPISODE 4 - Heather’s + She’s Too Young

This episode Jenn shows Alex Gremlins because Alex has somehow only seen Gremlins 2. Alex shows Gremlins 2 to Jenn. There are small cups in these movies, but now Alex likes it?

EPISODE 3 - Gremlins 1 + Gremlins 2

Alex and Jenn are already deviating from format because this episode, Jenn shows Alex BOTH movies. The Godfather and The Super Mario Bros movie: where the Goombas are big and the cups are small

EPISODE 2 - The Godfather + Super Mario Bros.

In this episode Jenn shares the classic film Alien and Alex tortures Jenn with Leprechaun 4: In Space.

EPISODE 1 - Alien + Leprechaun 4: In Space